You better than the other guy?

Part sport, part art and science.  It’s National Chess Day. (9/1)

A game that started in India (some say China) in the 6th century and quickly spread and grew into the game we now know in Italy and Spain around in the mid 15th century…but was also disparaged by major religions at the time.

I started playing as a kid, Bobby Fischer was my unknowing mentor…and personal history:  I played on my high school chess team. (stop please)

Trivia: Most common move? Pawn to E4.

How is Chess like Sports? This quote says it all:
“You don’t have to play well, just better than the other guy.”

Do YOU play?

Chess board


  1. Yes, but I didn’t know there was a National Chess Day ~ but according to this website it’s not Sept 1st…

    There is however an International Chess Day on the 20th July…

    Sorry if my comment critics your post but after wishing there was a National Chess Day in England also, I had to research your information.

    No there isn’t.

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