You better than the other guy?

Part sport, part art and science.  It’s National Chess Day. (9/1) A game that started in India (some say China) in the 6th century and quickly spread and grew into the game we now know in Italy and Spain around in the mid 15th century…but was also disparaged by major religions at the time. I started […]

One hot potato! (or patata)

A special day for what we believe started as a wild plant in Peru and domesticated about 9,000 years ago.  Today is National Potato day! Spain called it The Patata. And the first known were the sweet potato, like this one.  The regular white potato was known as the “bastard potato” back in the 16th century.  Today there […]

Do you “BUFF”?

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea is a must-have light-weight way to keep you warm. It’s called a BUFF. A dozen ways to wear, this functional fashion was founded about 25 years ago by motorcycle fan Joan Rojas, the name buff is from the Spanish word for scarf: bufanda. The factory is in Spain, while […]