Great…Coffee can kill you too

National Coffee Day.  Go ahead splurge…or maybe grab a free cup from some great places.   And don’t worry about over-doing it.  It would take 70 cups of coffee to kill an average 150 pound person.  As for the whiskey in the photo?  It takes only about 13 shots to do the job. And for you […]

Don’t Fall for Autumn

Today is all about balance.  In the Northern Hemisphere, you have roughly the same amount of daylight as darkness.  The first day of Fall. (if your in America that is…if you’re British, you prefer the word Autumn) As for balance:  “Know you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.” You can thank Oprah for that quote […]

what’s YOUR adjective?

I believe each of us have a goal to be INFORMATIVE….for your job, with friends, about sales, an idea, a brand, product or an opportunity.  This banner marketing for the Philly Mutter Museum grabbed my eye. What’s YOUR personal adjective?   Yes, you’re trying to tell a story…but with what flavor? Me first:  I’m blithesomely informative! ;0)