A Monday Visual Stress Test

Is the image moving?  Per Japanese Psychotherapist Yamamoto Hashima it reveals your stress level. A little?  You’re a little stressed A lot?  You better calm down Not at all?  You got it together today. The reality is this optical illusion is not the only illusion… The story behind this is totally social media fake that […]

It’s a cover up

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” is an encore, but  timely with covid19. It appears the prevailing medical guidance is if you’re going outside, cover your face…protect yourself and others.  If you don’t have a medical mask, use a scarf, or a bandana or something like this from BUFF.  It could help stifle Covid19 and […]

Ready to be sweaty?

My “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” this week is inspired by that special someone you miss besides friends and family. Your Trainer! That person who, makes you cry and curse kicks your ass and makes you better through yoga, Spin, HIT or some workout.  But now…  No gym, no contact?  Try Nike NTC (Nike Training Club).   Over 180 solid […]