Why did you pick THIS place?

It has more golf courses than any other state.There are 1,000 people moving there EVERY day.They never found even one dinosaur fossil there.It’s the flattest state in the country.And the drivers test doesn’t include parallel parking.It’s called Florida, and today is National Florida Day The state where they salt margaritas, and not sidewalks.Cheers FLA, happy …

YOU look amazing!

Why am I posting this?  It’s all about positive preparation. National Compliment Day is January 24th, starting over 20 years ago. A compliment?  We can all use one…and we can all give one.Text someone, send that email, make the phone call.No matter how you do it….make it genuine and sincere. Especially to that person in Michigan who …

Did you clean up your act yesterday?

You miss it yesterday?  National “Clean your Desk” day.   It might be understandable that you missed it as many now only have a laptop as a desk.  And isn’t it a wonderful thing? (my opinion) Maybe we now need to change the holiday to “Clean your Desktop” day.  You may have too many files there anyway, right? ;0)

A day for those who avoid people

Today?  it’s the day for people who need three hours getting ready…and two of those hours are talking themselves into getting ready. It’s National Introvert day.   The folks who thought staying home and working from home in 2020 was the best THING EVER.   If you have plans with an introvert today…cancel them.  Make their day extra special.

Who is your hero?

Who is your hero?   We certainly have many to choose from in the year of 2020. We all need someone to look up to, even if they don’t know we do. Today is the day to thank them…for being them.  Today is National Hero Day (12/27-USA) My thought? “Don’t strive to be like your heroes, but …

You didn’t…did you? You should.

Today only 1-out-of-4 people who have a job interview do this. Some say it started in ancient Egypt or maybe with the Romans, It really grew back in the 1400’s in Europe.     Send a thank you note.  It’s National Thank You Note Day.  (12/26-USA) You may think a text or an email gets the job done, but…  Maybe …

It’s always fun until you get the wrong 7 letter word.

Getting together with family and friends over the holiday isn’t always fun and games. But we love them, right? Right? Of course we do!   That’s why we’re chatting about the ones we love and our (big word here) idiosyncrasies on the Christmas Podcast of Street Curb Curiosity. Join the clatter on your fav audio platform: APPLE SPOTIFY ANCHOR IHEARTRADIO