You’ll never ride alone

Lots of talk about Michael Jordon on Netflix with the “Last Dance”…Here’s a semi-quote from MJ: “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”  Translation:  Don’t ride into whatever your battle is today alone…just ask.  We’ve got your back. PS:  Okay, maybe not my business, but who’s feeding the unicorn Cheez-its?

It’s a very special day

Think it’s just another day in our virus hamster wheel? Well, it IS a special day.  It’s someone’s birthday…maybe an anniversary. Could be a special occasion to remember for some business, work or life event.  Every day is a special day for someone.  Remember it, celebrate it and  what makes it a notable day for […]

You know what’s special about today?

What’s “special” is YOU! Today is not just Tuesday…it’s TAKE OUT TUESDAY.  It’s also Taco Tuesday…hey, it’s Cinco De Mayo. Phone one of your fav restaurants, treat yourself to something special  and tasty that you love.  Why?  Because you are YOU.  You’re “special” too.