A Riddle about YOU

What is something used all the time, to keep our jobs and life in line,Long and short; drives folks crazy,mostly because our mind is lazy. A cliché!  And this episode about them will be the “BEST EVER”.Think of the things we say every day…how many were said on your last ZOOM call?We rant about why, how …

Let’s talk about a BAD WORD

How many bad words are on your list? Here’s a discussion concerning a few of them. Cursing: how it started and how we use it to improve life in today’s world. That sounded good, right? It’s really a potty mouth podcast…without saying a curse word. Trust me!  Audio on APPLE PODCAST HERE here 

Are you inspired?

Meet Mahalia Jackson…well know for her amazing Gospel sound.   She was surviving a very hot and humid day in DC at the Lincoln Memorial in late August 1963.  It was a day when something almost DIDN’T happen.  Martin Luther King Jr decided the day before to drop “I have a dream” from his speech.  While giving his 5 minute …

Did you clean up your act yesterday?

You miss it yesterday?  National “Clean your Desk” day.   It might be understandable that you missed it as many now only have a laptop as a desk.  And isn’t it a wonderful thing? (my opinion) Maybe we now need to change the holiday to “Clean your Desktop” day.  You may have too many files there anyway, right? ;0)

Some things are just dirty

Dirty laundry puns? This podcast has loads of them.(let that one soak for a second) A clean discussion about the human struggle we all face: Doing the wash…all in less time than a cold rinse cycle. Street Curb Curiosity – The Podcast Choose your favorite setting: Apple Podcasts: https://bit.ly/AppL3P0D Spotify: https://bit.ly/ScCSp0tfy Anchor: https://bit.ly/STCurbPod iHeartRadio: https://bit.ly/1HeartP0D