Let’s be spontaneous today!

It takes a lot of practice to be good at spontaneous.Example: Flying cats and chairs and water and Salvador Dali…Here’s the image as seen in Time Magazine back in the late 40’s; a photo f surreal motion. But it’s spontaneous work of art that took 28 takes, throwing cats, furniture held in the air by wire and an […]

I LIKE that

Let’s help someone today. Someone you don’t even know. Give 10 posts a “like” today.  (any platform works: Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, etc…even here!) It’s a free way to help someone along…help them grow, spread their vision and their brand.  You don’t need to know them, or even use their opportunity; but this helps. But […]

Can you see Uranus from here?

Sometimes you miss the things that are close to you, because your focus is on distant distractions. Uranus was discovered 39 years BEFORE Antarctica. The Lesson: Pay attention to the world around you; you may discover some beautiful things right in front of you. The info for you data Types:Discovery Year: Uranus: 1781 Antarctica: 1820 PS: No Uranus […]