You better not miss today’s holiday

Today is a special day for some of our best friends.

National Pet Day. (4/11 in the US)
Keeping a pet may have started over 40,000 years ago.

Canines are the Top Dog for a pet (sorry had to), 33% of pet owners have a pup in the family. Cats come in second at 23%…and anyone who has a cat will tell you…nobody “owns” a cat.

Macy Jane is ready to be (extra) spoiled today.

Puppy Macy Jane on a sunny day in Philadelphia
Macy Jane on a sunny day in Philadelphia

I know one thing we ALL agree on

Data says we all have one thing about gas stations we agree on.

One thing that we truly hate about gas stations…
and it’s not the price per gallon. 

We rant about prices, food, people. and a trip down memory lane that includes black rubber hoses. A Garrulous gaggle on gas stations, on this episode of Street Curb Curiosity – The Podcast.


Higher gas price parody image
“High gas prices” is not what we have in common

Will you give “me” the job?

Every time we post, it’s like asking to give me “the job”.
The job to help you buy, believe, participate, be passionate, change, challenge, agree, argue and to hopefully…and pass it on.  
You may follow and want to learn more.

So, here’s my post:  
Will you give me the job? Let me influence you today?

will you you give me the job?
What do you think?

How many miles will you go?

You gonna pound out about 65,000 miles in your lifetime.
Today is the day to add a few…miles.  It’s National Walking day.

It’s free AND good for you…you’ll burn fat (ie: lose weight) with just 20 minutes a day.

And virtually everyone of us can go for a walk right after you read this.  So go do it.

trivia: France gave us our first pedometer in 1780

Yes, it’s also National Beer Day…maybe we’ll celebrate that too…and walk to our favorite bar later today? ;0)

Dog in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia
Macy going for a walk in Rittenhouse in Philadelphia

A day to prepare to be VERY happy

Today is a special day before a very special day.

It’s “New Beer Eve”
the official warm up for National Beer Day on Wednesday.

When you’re the 3rd most globally consumed liquid (after water and tea), you should have a day to get ready.  So…lift a pint to prep for another one (or two) tomorrow. cheers!

PS:  yes, I put my beer on ice.  Don’t be a hater.

Blue Moon beer on ice
Beer on ice is nice

It comes from…WHERE?

Improvisation means you really don’t make mistakes…unless we’re talking vanilla flavoring.

If you improvise on vanilla, we quickly learn you’re not be doing us a unique favor with flavor.

Go ahead, please Google Search:  
Where does vanilla flavoring come from?

Improvising gives you the chance to create a whole new flavor…or a way to make even vanilla a topic of discussion.

google search of vanilla flavoring

Pepperoni over Peeps?

If you’ve had enough Chocolate eggs and Peeps…

It’s National Deep Dish Pizza Day. (4/5 USA)

It’s said in business, it’s always good to be hungry on a Monday.
Hungry now?

PS: This is actually a Detroit Style Pizza…but close enough. What’s a pile of pepperoni between friends?
This is some of the best pizza Philadelphia has to offer; from The SideCar in South Philly. check them out!

Detroit style pepperoni pizza
Hungry now?