Today is a big juicy holiday

Woohoo! It’s National Burger Day. 

You may ponder when this grillfest all began.  Maybe at Louis’ lunch in New Haven, or by Otto Kuase in (you guessed it) Hamburg Germany…or maybe at the 1904 World’s Fair in St Louis. 

We now eat over a 50 BILLION a year in USA.  That’s about 3 per week for each of us Americans….and the USA is #4 on the chart.  (Uruguay is #1)

So today you don’t need an excuse…like you needed one anyway. 
Keep your eyes on the fries my friend.

A burger and fries at the bar…the good old days

Come on, tell me a story

Despite all of our new found drama for Memorial Day weekend, let’s remember why we even have the holiday in the US.  

Originally known as Decoration Day, we remembered and honored those who died in the Civil war. Memorial Day was not the “official name” until 1967. Now, we honor all fallen soldiers.  There’ll be official ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery, which was originally a plantation downed by General Robert E Lee.  
The first soldier buried there?  Private Bill Christman.  He never saw battle, but rather passed away from Appendicitis. 

Sharing tales of those we’ve lost is how we keep from really losing them.  
Share a story this weekend.

South Philadelphia

Where are most planes flying?

It’s the Memorial Day  holiday weekend in the USA, you traveling? 

Airline traffic is up…but it’s not the airports in NYC or Atlanta, Chicago, LA or London or Dubai that are crazy.

The busiest airport the last few weeks? ANC Anchorage Alaska.
(because of cargo, not people)

Be safe where ever you go.
And if you ARE flying… remember jet lag is a terminal illness. ;0) 

Anchorage Alaska

Watch this!!!

This week’s  brilliant brand idea is one to watch and comes (again) from the minds at Apple.

Mastercard’s CEO said recently that his company saw contactless payments jump 40% in Q1 2020.   American Express also has seen a sharp rise and a big drop in the use of cash or swiping a credit card. The Apple watch let’s you buy that coffee, that take out that store item with a flick of the wrist.

Regardless of HOW you spend it, its funny how money works: you’ll pay $5 for a $10 item we need.  Buy we’ll pay $5 for a $10 item we don’t need…because its on sale. ;0)

No endorsement influencer here; just sharing things from people doing things…and doing them differently to make it better for us all.

watch this!

Why you reading this?

More like how:  you’re connected to the internet. 

Today, in 1988, Apple launched a service to connect your computer to the internet.  And if you’re old enough, you remember paying for access by the hour. Applelink launched at $15/hour.  (plus $35 annual fee) It was a modest hit, but they got into a “business squabble” with its partner Quantum.  The service stopped, but Quantum kept it going and in 1991 renamed it to America Online.  Yes, the “mail me a CD every day” known as AOL was born.

Today, the average American household pays $65/month for broadband, or about 9 cents an hour. Make progress or make excuses, right?  Now close a few browser tabs please.

remember this?

Come on, pick one!

Today is National Pick Strawberries Day. With all the drama we presently have in our lives…we are hip deep in picking season; but you may have to pick them up at your local market.  And be careful, you may have a few sharp and shifty marketing types try and take advantage of this tasty holiday.

Trivia:  Strawberries are actually a member of the Rose family.

Later…we’ll have a post about roses to keep the strawberry holiday…fresh.

fresh picked strawberries?

You’ll never ride alone

Lots of talk about Michael Jordon on Netflix with the “Last Dance”
Here’s a semi-quote from MJ: “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” 
Translation:  Don’t ride into whatever your battle is today alone…just ask.  We’ve got your back.

PS:  Okay, maybe not my business, but who’s feeding the unicorn Cheez-its?

scooter squad