Help like it's 1999

It started this week back in 1968.  People calling for help.  The first 911 call occurred in Harleysville Alabama. A bit more trivia: The USA didn’t have full 911 service coverage until 1999. (weird, huh?)

Data shows that in our current business world: 2 out of 3 people do NOT ask for help at work. That is sad.

But hey if success was easy, everyone would be doing it. We’ve got your back.  We’re gonna help like it’s 1999. 
Yes, you can sing this like Prince! ;0)

a “still working” payphone

come on, pick one

You have a choice today:

  • President’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Presidents’ Day

They’re all correct. You really make a choice every day…the choice that counts is your attitude.  A positive attitude makes everyday a holiday.  For you and everyone around you.   If you only had a dollar for every time this works.

Happy Birthday George (Hey, come on, it’s an American holiday today)

US Dollar Bill
US Dollar Bill with George Washington

Are you out of tune?

Double standards never lead to happiness. Today in 1859, France passed a standard for the central “A” music note to be 435hz. Prior to this there weren’t any standards; Beethoven played over a half note higher. The note continued to climb; as high as 480hz. Singers complained; strings snapped…so in 1939, a frequency of 440hz was agreed upon as concert pitch by an international conference. It was agreed upon again in 1975. Standards may change and rise, but when we strive to all get on the same page, we can make some beautiful #music together.

Show some love today

It’s the day to try it.  Not necessarily with roses, chocolates or a candle lit dinner out.

Show some love today to the person working behind the counter, driving the bus or Uber; or sitting at a table-for-two alone, maybe just needing a smile.

As for the dining experience today, Valentine’s day is not a biggy; ranked the 94th as good business dining day.  (Thanks Womply) Mother’s day is the top dog…even a typical Saturday does usually better than Valentine’s day.  The fav restaurant  type for the romantic dinner for two today?  Sushi! Not so much with a burger place.

Then why is it OpenTable maybe only showing a 4pm or 10:45pm seating available? Its us guys…It’s us GUYS.  The guy usually does the reso for dinner for today…and you know we NEVER plan ahead.

Puppy MacyJane
Macy with her Valentine’s Day poem.

What a freakin Hassle!

HASSLE FREE:  I’ve seen, heard or read this in over a half dozen advertising campaigns recently.  The Webster Dictionary definition of hassle: an annoying or troublesome concern.

Hmmm. If we have to convince customers that our brand is not annoying to use; maybe we need a better business model; not a better marketing campaign.  Just sayin. ;0)

Another ad for a company telling me they’re hassle free

What's your status?

Status Quo is NOT your friend.  It works hard every minute of the day to make sure your new idea, your suggestion, your attempt to make a change for the better and new goes unheard.  To win, you don’t have to be extreme…just consistent, just like the status quo.

Today could be your day.  Try again.

Walnut Street in Philadelphia