Remember this face

Sacrifice is the cost of Freedom.

About 25 years ago Russel Casse proved that on July 4th.  The former Viet Nam pilot gave his life to help Captain Steven Hiller and the US Airforce defeat an enemy threatening all of mankind and our way of life.

Here’s a photo from that day. 

He sacrificed so we could all be free; so we can enjoy our Independence day.  Cheers Russell…we remember you.

Russell Casse in an F-18

So..what do you wanna do?

You could…read a book, take a ride, learn something new, go for a beer, or a walk, enjoy your favorite food, chat with a friend, get a new job….or do absolutely nothing.

It’s called freedom.  You have more choices than ever before, but it’s your responsibility to choose.  Maybe choose something that will make the world better for you…and maybe the rest of us too.  Enjoy your independence day. 

Even if you’re not living in the USA, we all have choices to make. Choose wisely.

Independence day in Philadelphia USA

Now, that’s a good signal

Are we one step closer to civilization?

  In many USA cities, you can now re-enjoy eating outdoors,  indoor dining returning soon, drinks with friends… This freedom also will brings back the never-ending quest for a good WIFI signal.  You’re not at home anymore kiddo.  

This post is just a double-thumbs-up thanks to Comcast.  They’ve extended FREE WIFI via Xfinity Hot Spots for the remainder of 2020.  This includes non-customers.  Thank you guys…now I can post that pic of my beer. ;0)

Xfinity WIFI map in Philly

Did YOU stand in line?

It started today back in 2007.  

The first Apple iPhone was released.  People lined up for days to get their hands on one.   (You ever do the iphone line?)

This experience still exists, if not bigger,  13 years later.
How do you achieve that kind of brand loyalty?

I suggest many companies don’t achieve it because:

— Their real goal is to be “good enough”

— Their mission is to be a “cheaper alternative”

— Their offering is not memorable.

The solution:  Be Better

You don’t buy loyaltyyou earn it by doing the hard stuff well.

Not the time to slow things down!

Starting another week of WFH? If you’re a laptop legionnaire like me, you need speedy internet. Email, zoom meetings, CRM, music…yeah and Netflix!!
AND the rest of the fam sucking up bandwidth. It’s a holiday week in the USA.
How does your service rate?

In the USA:
Fastest: Queens NY, a town called Whitestone   138.4 Mbps

The Worst?  Vashon, Washington, a little under 10 Mbps

Test ur speed free here:

A little canine computer photo for this post, here’s Macy Jane behind the screen as a puppy and a few years later. She loves working on the lap…and laptop.

Macy Jane, hard at work…on my lap

How’d they PRINT that?

Right now someone somewhere is sweating a font choice for some commercial we’ll see in our day sometime soon. 

So…some fun font facts:

— Helvetica is the most used today
— Comic Sans is the most hated, released October 1994
— The New York Times uses Georgia (Arial for sans serif)
— Blackletter was one of the first, discovered back in the 12 century
— The oldest Font used by Microsoft is Garamond
— Time New Roman started with the London Time Newspaper in 1931
— The US Military uses Arial
— Cooper Black is 100 years old, made popular by the Beach Boys
— Apple used Helvetica Neue, replacing it with its own “San Francisco”.

So which is more important?  The font or the message?  The debate will never end.

But to quote George Parker (If you’re in marketing, you know who he is):
“The only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising” ;0)