What was YOUR first?

What was your first message to the world?

My first day on Twitter was today (8/6) back in 2007.
My tweet?  “feeling ill, going home to be with the dogs”.

The first tweet on Twitter was by Jack Dorsey himself in March 2006 (yes, I was late to the party).  His read: just setting up my twttr.

Which tweet has the most “likes”?  
A former President Obama post has over 4.3 million likes, back in 2017.

Here it is:  https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/896523232098078720

Find your own 1st tweet?
Go to your Twitter page and see when you joined
Go to advanced search
Search that month.  enjoy

It’s HOW long?

Back in 1960, DR Seuss won a $50 bet he could write a book with under 50 words; it was published in August of that year.

If Theodor can do a solid sales job of enticing someone to eat Green Eggs and Ham, you can do the same with your next sales proposal.

The image shown below is an actual slide from a presentation. 

In case you need an idea, try the 10-20-30 PowerPoint proposal:
10 slides
20 minutes to present
30 Point for the smallest font.

Long presentations with someone reading off a screen?

I would not like them here or there.  
I would not like them anywhere.

Did you mean that?

The word in English language that has the most meanings?  Per the Oxford Dictionary it’s the word “SET”.  It has 430 definitions!

Words have meaning and power, check twice to be sure your audience knows what YOU MEAN.

Here’s a photo example if you’re missing my point.

TRIVIA HATER NOTE:  The word “run” is now said to have 645 definitions, but the dictionary’s next edition won’t be updated until 2037.

Missing Dog

This will be the BEST EVER!

Some of our big tech guys were asked by congress if they copy ideas from other companies or competition.  Huh? They ever run a business?
Coming in August in the USA, Instagram users will be able to create and share something new to their Stories:  Guess? Short Videos! 
It’s called “Reels”; you’ll be able to produce  short-form videos in a new dedicated tab on your profile.  Hmmm, sounds a bit like Tik Tok, which seemed sorta  like periscope, which felt a lot like Vine.

The haters will always hate but some are looking forward to giving the new app a try.  When it comes to good ideas,  Steve Jobs and Picasso had the right vision:

Steve Jobs: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. Or as  Picasso said:  “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Good Luck to the gang at Instagram: Let’s see what happens next.

what’s your name again?

The marketing world must have really changed.  I thought the best advertising folks were always under severe pressure to “Create Great” and always do so under an impossible deadline.  

The Washington Football organization punted (yes I went there) revealing a new brand name for the team for an entire year. Is it lack of creativity? Trademark drama?  WFT? WTF?

The ultimate inspiration is a hard deadline.  Am I right?

hello washington football team