What a year! (no, not 2020)

I joined Linkedin today back in  2007.
I’ve been posting virtually every day…putting me at over 4,700 posts.
Some will say it took persistence and talent
Some will say it sharpened my skills 
Some may say I was a teacher but also learned over time

Well…Skills you learn.  
Talent is something you have naturally. Let’s put it another way via a quote:

“Talent is  Forever.” 
– HomeLander The Boys,  Season 2

Here’s to both of us enjoying the next few thousand posts.

PS:  That was also the year Britney shaved her head.  So yeah, a year for crazy things

HomeLander on the Boys
HomeLander – The Boys

Just a little goes a long way

Happy Nat’l Espresso Day. (In the USA)

Enjoy the benefits:
— Warms you up
— Wakes you up
— Rationale  to procrastinate
— Makes you happy.

The Lesson: Enjoy the little things in life. One day you’ll look back and realize there were big things.

Thanks for taking the time to read this to allow me to espresso myself. ;0)

Espresso in the morning
Espresso one morning in Paris

What if we are all the same?

Its funny listening to sales types…regardless of the business category.  They say their brand is:

— Faster
— Better
— Cheaper
— Smaller
— Bigger
— Newer
— More Established

What if what you’re selling is exactly the same as the competition?  Same share, same price, same benefits…How would you sell it?

Maybe you need to “sell yourself?”  hmmm?   Anybody buying THAT?

bar chart

What do George Washington and dinosaurs have in common?

NOTHING…George Washington  died before dinosaurs were discovered.

George passed away late 1799.

Dinosaurs were discovered  and named about 25 years later. And weren’t even called dinosaurs for about another 40 years.

The lesson:  Question everything…like assumptions, even questions…and common thinking…and data.

PS: Megalosaurus was the first bad boy found

George Washington

THIS is the best post…EVER!

This should be the BEST POST…EVER!!!
It was created on a brand new computer.
By the specs, I created this post on equipment that’s 2x faster as my last laptop.  

The hard drive had double the size and speed.  The WiFi connect is faster and more secure, the screen displays more accurate and millions more of colors.  This was written and tweaked on the latest ML-aided software available; it’s more secure…delivered over the fastest network connection…EVER!  Does it make it better? Any more relatable? Hmmm no.

Are you content with your content?  (don’t you love English?)
You can be if:

— Someone says thank you
— You delighted a customer
— You gave someone an idea
— Someone made a positive change…because of what you shared.

How you create or deliver your content doesn’t matter. 

If it connects…it does.

Philly skyline

But it’s your birthday!

A birthday is a great day to be inspired to “start over”.  

His first two film shorts never made the big screen, but today in 1928,  the Mickey Mouse “Talkie” cartoon “Steamboat Willie”, was a BIG hit and the rest is history.  Today is Mickey’s official birthday and a wonderful way to showcase “starting over”.  

The inspiration for Walt Disney? He spotted  a mouse on his desk in Kansas City…  and Walt needed it.  Earlier that year, his hugely successful “Oswald the Rabbit” with other characters and artists were taken away in a studio rights contract deal.  Walt re-started basically with a blank piece of paper. (This image is what he submitted for patent of this #famous mouse)

This re-start with Mickey  is an over $3-billion a year business with just merchandising.

Every day can be your “rebirth” day.  What are you “starting over” today?

Mickey Mouse Patent image