It’s a cover up

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” is an encore, but  timely with covid19.

It appears the prevailing medical guidance is if you’re going outside, cover your face…protect yourself and others.  If you don’t have a medical mask, use a scarf, or a bandana or something like this from BUFF.  It could help stifle Covid19 and more importantly like in my case:  improve my appearance.  Find a wide selection of colors and styles at BUFF USA or of course on Amazon.

Buff Bandana examples
Buff bandanas

No census? No feeling!

You know you got the card  in the mail, you know your calendar isn’t THAT full today.  Take the 60 seconds and fill out your census info. (yesterday was Census 2020 day too…I missed it too, I was busy!)

First taken in 1790, know It’s NOT big brother, it’s your way to get your part of the pumpkin patch money from our government.  Help yourself & help your neighborhood.  The good news is you can snack while you’re filling it out and then you can take a nap.  You earned it.

time to fill out the census website

Pretty Please?

If over half of us in America (54%) can say please to their Smart Speaker. we certainly can be polite with the people we will interact with today. Let’s give it a try… At the grocery store, the person taking your take-out order, someone holding the door open. Politeness costs nothing, but pays a lot forward.
And BTW: Thank you Alexa, thank you Siri, OK Google…sound good?

PS: Data shows women are WAY more polite than men to their smart devices. Come on Guys.

Smart Speaker Civility

Be the professional you are

Welcome to April! YOU are now a professional and ready expert at working from home. Set a good example. Take off those pajamas and put on a clean pair of sweatpants for that video conference call in your WFH (work from home) day.

Quick Quiz: So how many outfits did you actually wear so far this week: 2, 3?
Still wearing the same thing? ;0)

macy jane in pajamas
Macy Jane is ready for her WFH day

You going to the show today?

It’s the best show EVER!! And you’ve got a front row ticket:

To YOUR day.

No matter what doing…including nothing; it’s up to you whether you enjoy the show and make the most of it. Bring your best attitude and smile; cause you’re the main event! It’s the same show for each of us and we have the best seat in the house…see you at the show!  (no scalping please)

best seat in the house

Ready to be sweaty?

My “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” this week is inspired by that special someone you miss besides friends and family. Your Trainer! That person who, makes you cry and curse kicks your ass and makes you better through yoga, Spin, HIT or some workout. 

But now…  No gym, no contact?  Try Nike NTC (Nike Training Club).  

Over 180 solid workouts right on your phone or tablet to help make and keep you strong…indoors. Yes to both iOS and Android.

Nike flipped their premium level FREE during this coronavirus stay-at-home timeframe. Yoga, body-weight workouts and targeted training programs are at your finger tips; from a quick 5 to a full 45 minute sweat fest.

Download and get down off your couch.  A better you awaits.

No paid endorsement influencer, just sharing stuff I use and some folks who “Do Different”…or in this case…Just do it.

NIKE NTC for Apple:

PS: ask your trainer if they have an on-line program. Maybe some facetime flexibility fun?

Nike Training Club

The answer is 19

The question is whether you’re wearing one.  A smile.

It’s our new handshake.  19?  There are 19 different types of smiles per psychology folks. And we can spot a smile up to 200 feet away so take that social distancing. The same head docs also say we feel better when we share a smile…so we got a cure to make today a better day.

So get smiling.  We all win with a grin  (don’t hate me for that one)

find a random smile