Grab a slice!

It’s National Pizza Day.  Yummy. Okay, some flavorful history:  The pizza you know and love would NOT exist without America? (South specifically)  Yes, flatbread started back about 7,000 years ago in Sardinia, but those darn Spaniards brought the Tomato (it’s a fruit BTW) back to Europe. Another bite of history?  The Tomato was first thought to be poisonous and […]

Remember me?

Okay…one more Superbowl story. Sunday, we’ll see ads for cars, beer, snacks, soft drinks and for the first time: Pop Tarts and Sabra Hummus. For you media fans, CPM should be around $45.20 years ago, the DOT-COMS had 17 companies advertising in the SuperBowl. (This year we’ll see 3) (BTW: the original PETS.COM generated about […]

Your “Good” is only good for now

You working hard to make your business better for your customers? Even if they’re happy and what you deliver does the job perfectly, your goal should be to get even better…Some brand somewhere is defining what “better” means.  Here’s a few examples of better; all  considered  a great success and got the job done at the time: […]