Then why do we do it?

Virtually no one thinks a political lawn sign will change anyone’s vote. So, why do we put them on display? There’s one main reason…and we talk about it on “Street Curb Curiosity”. A new podcast conversation you can find on Apple and Spotify. Join our 10 minute conversation where we rant and rave and rip down the irrational (not the signs). Audio on […]

Let’s be spontaneous today!

It takes a lot of practice to be good at spontaneous.Example: Flying cats and chairs and water and Salvador Dali…Here’s the image as seen in Time Magazine back in the late 40’s; a photo f surreal motion. But it’s spontaneous work of art that took 28 takes, throwing cats, furniture held in the air by wire and an […]

I saw the sign…and it pissed me off

In the states, you can’t go more than 10 feet without seeing a political lawn (or window) sign. Let’s talk! No, not about which presidential candidate you support…but why people are so passionate about “their” signs. Most studies that have near zero impact; a survey I personally conducted overwhelmingly showed they’re a waste of time […]

Do you do this while walking?

The new “thing”…reading a book while walking. And we’re not talking about on a treadmill…but on busy streets, cross walks and bike trails. Try my new podcast, “Street Curb Curiosity”, and join the conversation about this and other people predicaments. We’re now to 13 people who enjoy the show! Be an early adapter…join us! The […]

It’s a great day to have your head in the clouds

Remember when you had to plug your phone into a computer to share your photos, apps, docs and music? No you’re not THAT old…that was less than 10 years ago.Today in 2011, Apple launched iCloud. (Steve Jobs did a swank presentation at an Apple event) Today we don’t think twice about where our data is. Cloud […]