Do you do this while walking?

The new “thing”…reading a book while walking. And we’re not talking about on a treadmill…but on busy streets, cross walks and bike trails. Try my new podcast, “Street Curb Curiosity”, and join the conversation about this and other people predicaments. We’re now to 13 people who enjoy the show! Be an early adapter…join us! The […]

It’s a great day to have your head in the clouds

Remember when you had to plug your phone into a computer to share your photos, apps, docs and music? No you’re not THAT old…that was less than 10 years ago.Today in 2011, Apple launched iCloud. (Steve Jobs did a swank presentation at an Apple event) Today we don’t think twice about where our data is. Cloud […]

Can you see Uranus from here?

Sometimes you miss the things that are close to you, because your focus is on distant distractions. Uranus was discovered 39 years BEFORE Antarctica. The Lesson: Pay attention to the world around you; you may discover some beautiful things right in front of you. The info for you data Types:Discovery Year: Uranus: 1781 Antarctica: 1820 PS: No Uranus […]

Throw Shade in Style?

Wear your mask.   Some see this as a problem; some see an opportunity.Why not a face shield? A few luxury brand companies have jumped into this market, like Burberry…and Louis Vuitton The LV version has a cushioned strap, gold studs, the shield pivots and also darkens in sunlight.  You can get one of these  sometime in October…rumor […]

It’s Monday…try something new

After pondering for a few weeks; my new adventure? A new podcast!Totally written, produced, and mismanaged by myself! ;0) “Street Curb Curiosity” now available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor and other great places is all about observing the weirdness and quirks in our daily lives. It’s part rant, part shade and part prognostication on the […]

Don’t tell me you can’t run that far.

Start the week with Labor Day…end with week with retirement…it’s National 401K day. The 401K was discovered by accident by a finance consultant in 1980.Before that, no one really tried to understand that portion of the tax code. Why are you not signed up for a 401K? Don’t say you can run that far.  (yes, […]

True for Spies and most Businesses

A quote by James Bond holds true in the business world and in the international world of spying and intrigue: “You’re judged by the strength of your enemies.” PS:  the new 007 movie debuts November 20 in the USA. Thanks for keeping it classy Daniel Craig.

Today is a special day…but not for me

September 9 is the most common birthday.  (USA anyway) We didn’t really start celebrating birthdays until we really had calendars.  How would you know?  We started celebrating birthdays about 5,000 years ago with the Egyptian Pharaohs, as they tracked moon cycles.  Candles on cake?  Those zany Greeks are to blame. Who has a birthday today?  Here’s a few: Adam Sandler, Michael […]