Stop Garbage Advertising

Some of the 14,000 advertising agencies in the USA  will have an exciting zoom meeting today.  The excitement? Some bright eyed VP discovered yet another new place to reach prospective customers for their client brands.  Some new advertising platform?  We talking TikTok? Reels? A Golf Cart Hubcap? (it’s real my friend)   Maybe instead of finding that trendy new place […]

How’d they PRINT that?

Right now someone somewhere is sweating a font choice for some commercial we’ll see in our day sometime soon.  So…some fun font facts: — Helvetica is the most used today— Comic Sans is the most hated, released October 1994— The New York Times uses Georgia (Arial for sans serif)— Blackletter was one of the first, […]

Virus Graffiti Spreads an Idea

A photo of Virus graffiti in Philly. It brings to mind a quote from a great movie** holds true for marketing as well as our present Corona Virus drama: “The truth is what everybody  accepts.” **You remember 12 Monkeys? Trivia: The film was shot in Philadelphia & Baltimore.

See PURPLE on Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day! On this special day, the world is thinking and seeing “green”…trying to help the environment. I also want you to think “Purple” Why? besides it being my fav color, it makes for great world-wide trivia. There are only TWO countries on the entire plane that have purple in their flags! Any guesses? […]

Are you crunchy or smooth?

Today (3/1) is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! Maybe it started with the Aztecs.  Maybe it started with Dr. Kellogg in 1896. Peanut Butter…first used as a protein food for wealthy people with no teeth. Then, PB was shown off and took of at the 1904 World’s Fair as the “All American Food”. Still loved today, […]

Help like it’s 1999

It started this week back in 1968.  People calling for help.  The first 911 call occurred in Harleysville Alabama. A bit more trivia: The USA didn’t have full 911 service coverage until 1999. (weird, huh?) Data shows that in our current business world: 2 out of 3 people do NOT ask for help at work. That is […]