Let’s talk about a BAD WORD

How many bad words are on your list? Here’s a discussion concerning a few of them. Cursing: how it started and how we use it to improve life in today’s world. That sounded good, right? It’s really a potty mouth podcast…without saying a curse word. Trust me!  Audio on APPLE PODCAST HERE here 

Are you inspired?

Meet Mahalia Jackson…well know for her amazing Gospel sound.   She was surviving a very hot and humid day in DC at the Lincoln Memorial in late August 1963.  It was a day when something almost DIDN’T happen.  Martin Luther King Jr decided the day before to drop “I have a dream” from his speech.  While giving his 5 minute …

Some things are just dirty

Dirty laundry puns? This podcast has loads of them.(let that one soak for a second) A clean discussion about the human struggle we all face: Doing the wash…all in less time than a cold rinse cycle. Street Curb Curiosity – The Podcast Choose your favorite setting: Apple Podcasts: https://bit.ly/AppL3P0D Spotify: https://bit.ly/ScCSp0tfy Anchor: https://bit.ly/STCurbPod iHeartRadio: https://bit.ly/1HeartP0D

How committed are you for a great 2021?

You ready to commit to a brand new year? 2021!Commitment is hard in life and in business…even when doing good for yourself. You committed as Angus Barbieri of Scotland? In 1965, he weighted 456 pounds…to change that, his personal commitment was to TOTALLY stop eating…no food for 382 days. NO EATING FOR A YEAR?! He …

Who is your hero?

Who is your hero?   We certainly have many to choose from in the year of 2020. We all need someone to look up to, even if they don’t know we do. Today is the day to thank them…for being them.  Today is National Hero Day (12/27-USA) My thought? “Don’t strive to be like your heroes, but …