Grab a cold one today

Today is the day for a cold one anywhere on the planet.

International Beer day is today.

This happy elixir was first enjoyed some 13,000 years ago in what is now Israel by those zany Natufians. 5,000 years ago, hard workers in Iraq were paid in beer, and the gang building the pyramids were given roughly a six pack a day to “refresh” those workers. In the USA, the first commercial suds were brewed in lower Manhattan in 1632. Today, my town of Philadelphia has 85 breweries.  We’ve  survived 220 days of 2020.  We’ve earned a cold beer today… Cheers my fellow planet dwellers.

à votre santé, Prost, Salud, Skål, ypa, Στην υγειά σας, 干杯, به سلامتی, 乾杯, चियर्स, bajabule, في صحتك, alegres, Saluti, ไชโย, tagay, chúc mừng

a mug of cold beer

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