Grab a cold one today

Today is the day for a cold one anywhere on the planet. International Beer day is today. This happy elixir was first enjoyed some 13,000 years ago in what is now Israel by those zany Natufians. 5,000 years ago, hard workers in Iraq were paid in beer, and the gang building the pyramids were given […]

Now, that’s a good signal

Are we one step closer to civilization?   In many USA cities, you can now re-enjoy eating outdoors,  indoor dining returning soon, drinks with friends… This freedom also will brings back the never-ending quest for a good WIFI signal.  You’re not at home anymore kiddo.   This post is just a double-thumbs-up thanks to Comcast.  They’ve extended FREE WIFI via […]

A cold beer leads to a great idea

First used as a wool dye in Greece, currency by the Vatican and was more precious than gold. First real use was for Medals for Napoleon. And it has two spellings, and said two ways… think British! ;0) It’s Aluminum! This weekend, some serious football fans will enjoy a cold drink in it. WHY? Remarkable Recycle […]

You having a typical week?

What makes it “typical”anyway? No one really drank coffee 400 years ago, (people drank beer with breakfast) You didn’t have air conditioning at work until about 100 years ago…no sliced bread about 90 years ago…no  mobile phone 35 years ago, no Google search 20 years ago, and no Uber ride less than ten.  What will […]

Death and taxes

Did you #celebrate yesterday? Here’s something to toast this weekend. In the early 1900’s, about 40% of government income was from taxes on wine, beer and liquor. The “new” Income tax replaced the revenue lost when prohibition started and ended the 5th largest business in the nation. Then, this week in 1933, prohibition ended. Alcohol […]