Grab a cold one today

Today is the day for a cold one anywhere on the planet. International Beer day is today. This happy elixir was first enjoyed some 13,000 years ago in what is now Israel by those zany Natufians. 5,000 years ago, hard workers in Iraq were paid in beer, and the gang building the pyramids were given […]

Where are most planes flying?

It’s the Memorial Day  holiday weekend in the USA, you traveling?  Airline traffic is up…but it’s not the airports in NYC or Atlanta, Chicago, LA or London or Dubai that are crazy. The busiest airport the last few weeks? ANC Anchorage Alaska. (because of cargo, not people) Be safe where ever you go. And if you ARE flying… remember jet […]

Are you Single?

 Well TODAY is your special day.  “Singles Day“, a 2009 ecommerce business idea of Jack Ma of the Alibaba Group; highlights a day to treat yourself…now it’s the largest on-line shopping day on the planet.  We’re estimated to “treat ourselves” by spending over $38 BILLION today. (last year’s sales were up +27%) mostly due to the over […]

What does the Data say?

Ask business leadership and they’ll tell you: “We need more data” We live in a data-driven world, right? But data interpretation today usually gives us answers to the “questions” we want. Who’s #1, who’s bigger, most used, fastest, etc.  Two examples: Largest city in the USA? Nah, not NYC or LA, it’s Sitka, Alaska. It […]

Advertising is about one thing…

Don Draper said these famous words: “Advertising is based on one thing:  happiness.” Life on Madison Avenue.  A story about the never-ending goal of earning a new customer by having them “feel the love and be happy” with what  your business is offering.  The show story ended around now, some 50 years ago (late 1970)…but […]

Do you remember where you were?

Maybe remember who you were with? And after you learned the tragic news out of New York City on 9-11., do you remember what you promised to change in your life? For yourself, your family, friends, career, co-workers…18 years later, it may still feel like yesterday… the memory doesn’t fade…don’t let the promises to yourself […]