We have a BIGGER Problem

I believe 3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions.

About 40 years ago A&W challenged the quarter pounder burger wars by introducing a 1/3 pound burger at a lower price.

A major TV, outdoor and radio campaign (it was the 80’s) all pushed “The Third is the word”. And…it failed?  They did a research study on why & how.  (You know, focus groups)

What they learned:  It seems people thought a third pound burger was ACTUALLY SMALLER than a quarter pounder.

The REAL Lesson:  When taking a calculated risk;  remember, most people are bad at math.

Think about that when you decide to supersize your next marketing  effort.

A big burger that caused a bigger problem for the company.  for the daily blog from www.caremoretoday.com
How big of a problem is this?

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