what’s your name again?

The marketing world must have really changed.  I thought the best advertising folks were always under severe pressure to “Create Great” and always do so under an impossible deadline.   The Washington Football organization punted (yes I went there) revealing a new brand name for the team for an entire year. Is it lack of creativity? Trademark […]

I’ll drink to that

Could have been created in 1921 London as the Buck Fizz.  Or by bartender Frank Meier in Paris at the Ritz. He only used sparkling wine…no champagne.  Or the refreshing fun started in San Francisco as an idea by a guy named Alfred Hitchcock…who made it popular for brunch! Whoever you give the credit to; […]

Did you see this?

Nobody reads/watches/sees/listens to (did I cover them all?) or really cares about advertising. They’re interested in and pay attention to what interests them. And sometimes, THAT is an Ad. And YES, I find racing possums (or American marsupial cousin the opossum) interesting…you? Love these guys from Washington (state).

It went Viral

The word “Viral” has been in the news so much lately…but its been the “Holy Grail” of the marketing and social media world. How do we go viral?  How do we take an idea, spread it from person-to-person and have them spread it for exponential awareness? –You may  be right concerning the quality of your […]

Virus Graffiti Spreads an Idea

A photo of Virus graffiti in Philly. It brings to mind a quote from a great movie** holds true for marketing as well as our present Corona Virus drama: “The truth is what everybody  accepts.” **You remember 12 Monkeys? Trivia: The film was shot in Philadelphia & Baltimore.

Rainy Day Lessons Learned

Lessons learned on a rainy SundayA TV marathon of Law & Order on a rainy Sunday workscontent worksAdvertising worksFrequency in advertising worksGreat creative in advertising worksA burrito and a chalupa really works right about nowDespite our virus drama and everyone’s life turned upside down… marketing still works…right now

Is this your TYPE?

Hey copywriter, I’m typing this for you!  Bring back the double-space for punctuation for safer social distancing.  We stopped when the computer replaced the typewriter. Don’t smirk, about a 1/3 of us still type this way (yes I’m one; okay boomer)  And science is on my side marketing type…You read 3% faster with double space; […]