I saw the sign…and it pissed me off

In the states, you can’t go more than 10 feet without seeing a political lawn (or window) sign. Let’s talk! No, not about which presidential candidate you support…but why people are so passionate about “their” signs. Most studies that have near zero impact; a survey I personally conducted overwhelmingly showed they’re a waste of time […]

what’s YOUR adjective?

I believe each of us have a goal to be INFORMATIVE….for your job, with friends, about sales, an idea, a brand, product or an opportunity.  This banner marketing for the Philly Mutter Museum grabbed my eye. What’s YOUR personal adjective?   Yes, you’re trying to tell a story…but with what flavor? Me first:  I’m blithesomely informative! ;0)

When it comes to advertising…who matters more?

Facebook will sport a permanent new look  in early September. You may have been toggling in and out of it for a while now.  Soon, it’s a permanent change.  The sell job on it is it’s a cleaner feel with quicker access to many features in a less cluttered way.  I’ve seen comment pieces that it’s presenting a major […]