I’ll drink to that

Could have been created in 1921 London as the Buck Fizz.  Or by bartender Frank Meier in Paris at the Ritz. He only used sparkling wine…no champagne.  Or the refreshing fun started in San Francisco as an idea by a guy named Alfred Hitchcock…who made it popular for brunch! Whoever you give the credit to; […]

Did you see this?

Nobody reads/watches/sees/listens to (did I cover them all?) or really cares about advertising. They’re interested in and pay attention to what interests them. And sometimes, THAT is an Ad. And YES, I find racing possums (or American marsupial cousin the opossum) interesting…you? Love these guys from Washington (state).

It went Viral

The word “Viral” has been in the news so much lately…but its been the “Holy Grail” of the marketing and social media world. How do we go viral?  How do we take an idea, spread it from person-to-person and have them spread it for exponential awareness? –You may  be right concerning the quality of your […]

What a freakin Hassle!

HASSLE FREE:  I’ve seen, heard or read this in over a half dozen advertising campaigns recently.  The Webster Dictionary definition of hassle: : an annoying or troublesome concern. Hmmm. If we have to convince customers that our brand is not annoying to use; maybe we need a better business model; not a better marketing campaign.  Just sayin. ;0)

You hear that noise?

It was quite the contest yesterday. No, not the football game (Congrats to Andy Reid and KC)…the contact sport called advertising.  The goal: connect to the 102 million watching.   The real world game?  Connect to a crowd filled with laughter, boos, cheers, beer (okay soft drinks too), people dipping, munching, reheating, grabbing slices and licking wing sauce off […]

Remember me?

Okay…one more Superbowl story. Sunday, we’ll see ads for cars, beer, snacks, soft drinks and for the first time: Pop Tarts and Sabra Hummus. For you media fans, CPM should be around $45.20 years ago, the DOT-COMS had 17 companies advertising in the SuperBowl. (This year we’ll see 3) (BTW: the original PETS.COM generated about […]