size DOES matter

I now believe that “size matters” (ie: scale) in advertising.  I’m not talking mass media versus digital targeting.  Burger King proves that you can have and follow a long range marketing plan…and a new way to play “hide the pickle”.To my Agency friends: how many clients do you have that can say the same thing?  And to the […]

National Sandwich Day this Weekend!

Get ready to take a big bite! National Sandwich day Sunday. 300 Million sandwiches are eaten EVERY day in the USA. Most eaten? Turkey! The word started back in 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich ate meat in bread so he could eat while playing a card game. Royalty continues today with Delivery in LA. […]

Burger King stopped selling the Whopper…to help McDonalds?

In 2017, Burger King had a day without the Whopper. (BK in Argentina) Huh? They politely sent their customers from all 107 stores to a near-by McDonalds to buy a Big Mac instead of their signature and best-selling burger! Why? It was McHappy Day! McD’s was donating $2 for every Big Mac sold that day […]