Whiz Wit? If you know this…today is YOUR day.

A very special day to shoutout Philadelphia:  It’s National CheeseSteak day! (3/24)

Over 90 years ago a hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri, threw some beef on his grill and made a sandwich.  A cab driver asked him for one…and so it began.  “Pat” BTW is the name sake of Pat’s, King of Steaks. 

Support your local joint wherever you are in the world and get a cheese steak today.  In Philly Could be Pat’s, or Gino’s or Tony Luke’s or Jim’s or Steve’s, or dozens of other places in Philadelphia…help their biz…and go whiz wit.**

**whiz cheese and “with” fried onions

Cheesesteak menu from local restaurant in Philadelphia
Cheesesteak menu from one place in Philly

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