YOU look amazing!

Why am I posting this?  It’s all about positive preparation. National Compliment Day is January 24th, starting over 20 years ago. A compliment?  We can all use one…and we can all give one.Text someone, send that email, make the phone call.No matter how you do it….make it genuine and sincere. Especially to that person in Michigan who …

A day for those who avoid people

Today?  it’s the day for people who need three hours getting ready…and two of those hours are talking themselves into getting ready. It’s National Introvert day.   The folks who thought staying home and working from home in 2020 was the best THING EVER.   If you have plans with an introvert today…cancel them.  Make their day extra special.

You didn’t…did you? You should.

Today only 1-out-of-4 people who have a job interview do this. Some say it started in ancient Egypt or maybe with the Romans, It really grew back in the 1400’s in Europe.     Send a thank you note.  It’s National Thank You Note Day.  (12/26-USA) You may think a text or an email gets the job done, but…  Maybe …

This storm is such a snow job

A major snow storm slams into the Eastern USA. So of course, a podcast on how we get flaky over flurries. We talk school closings, work delays and drama and the complex puzzle of why we buy “eggs, bread and milk” before the storm hits. Grab the shovel, it gets deep on this episode of Street Curb Curiosity: (on Apple Podcasts)

Are you a mutt?

Today could be a ruff day day for you. It’s National Mutt Day.  (USA) Instead of a picture of a cute puppy…I decided to share how much of a mutt I am.  Also celebrate a different type of diversity.  Your own. BUT maybe give a diverse pup a new home as well. (It’s really what Nat’l Mutt …

Just a little goes a long way

Happy Nat’l Espresso Day. (In the USA) Enjoy the benefits:— Warms you up— Wakes you up— Rationale  to procrastinate— Makes you happy. The Lesson: Enjoy the little things in life. One day you’ll look back and realize there were big things. Thanks for taking the time to read this to allow me to espresso myself. ;0)

I’d vote for THIS

This bourbon reminded me of the USA and politics for Election Day.(USA Election day is 11/3) In this bottle…there are FIVE different bourbons blended to make a unique taste…all combined to make it a success. It takes a mix of different ideas, tastes and flavors to get it just right.   That’s America my friend.   Cheers …