Have you been “good” for Santa?

The question is not if you’re “good”…but you “good enough”?  You ask this question of yourself every day.  For the project for the boss?  The business presentation to your customer? To make a friend smile? To win the game?  (Think Philly Eagles here) To have Santa come down YOUR chimney?  Good maybe the enemy of […]

A sample of serendipity

A rare metal,  stadium lights and the year you were born.  Dysprosium, a rare metal, is used in the bulbs to light up a stadium; it has an atomic weight of 66 and was isolated in 1953.  Connie Mack Stadium in Philly got its name that same year, 1953 is also the last year the Phillies and the […]

How many Selfies do you take?

Will you go first on this Monday?  Start that project, make the call, share that business idea?   The first selfie was take on a fall day on Chestnut street in Philly in 1839. (Photo below) Today, we EACH snap about 8 per day.   Robert Cornelius sat still for over a minute to make the exposure.  Being first […]

Ready to Retail it?

We’ll spend over $1-TRILLION this holiday season both in-store and with ecommerce.  How much is a trillion? A million seconds is 12 days; a trillion is 31,709 years.  Want to do something nice with a  trillion dollars?  You could buy EVERYONE in the USA a 20-ounce WAWA coffee everyday for the next 4 years. (and that includes  the Philly sales […]