Your Boss wants you to do WHAT on a Friday?

The Nutcracker

Premiered today in 1892 at the Mariinsky Theatre Saint Petersburg Russia.
Now it’s the world’s most performed ballet.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky was the composer…we all know his name.  What we didn’t know was he didn’t like the project; didn’t want to do it…but his boss made him do it.  And at first many thought his work at best looked “tedious and boring”.  Just not want we were looking for. (ever hear THAT at work?)

THE LESSON: Maybe you should do what your boss is pestering you to do.  Even if they’re never happy with what you do.  It could make you legendary…even if it is on a Friday.

The Photo is from the 1892 production.  Showing a new tradition for the Theatre:  They started using interns and students for the child roles.

The NutCracker Ballet, children, 1892
The NutCracker, 1892

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