Can you see Uranus from here?

Sometimes you miss the things that are close to you, because your focus is on distant distractions. Uranus was discovered 39 years BEFORE Antarctica. The Lesson: Pay attention to the world around you; you may discover some beautiful things right in front of you. The info for you data Types:Discovery Year: Uranus: 1781 Antarctica: 1820 PS: No Uranus […]

Thanks for the gift

It was 16 years ago on this very day an amazing team  worked me over with triple bypass heart surgery. (Thanks Doc Singer) The 5,483 days since gifted me so many exciting experiences, getting to know special people, visits to must-see sites, hit chart-breaking career achievements…even just savoring a cup of coffee, or a Bourbon. ;0) […]

Did life hand you a lemon?

It’s been exactly one year today since my career took a dramatic turn.  What have I learned?  The important things are: Leave things better than how you found themCare moreTreat people, no matter their rank in life, with kindness… and do all of this for one reason:  because you can.  It’s all YOUR choice. Being […]

Did you learn your lesson?

Learning is ALWAYS available to us.  It’s should be a part of everything we do and experience in business and in life.  Reading a book, trying a new way to work, clicking “that” button in the APP…it’s also part of every mistake we make. It’s okay to make mistakes; it means you’re trying new things…as long as […]

Hey, want a cookie?

So, you hungry for some thin mints? If they were on your mind, yesterday was the day.  Yesterday in 1936, the Girl Scouts started commercially selling cookies in Philadelphia.  Originally, the cookies were sold individually in 1917 by the Mistletoe Group in Oklahoma, but the Philly team put a plan together that now has you craving and […]