Clowning Around with a New Idea

A new idea sometimes is just a combination of a few great ideas.  Even if they may sound weird to start. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie. Fries and Maple Syrup.  Peanut Butter on bacon. What happens when you take Gilligan, add the music of Led Zeppelin and an internet famous clown with an amazing singing voice?  You […]

Does anybody here remember?

“Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? Remember how she said that we would meet again…some summer day.” You may recognize those words from music by Pink Floyd (The Wall, 1979.  One of the best albums EVER!!! IMHO) Well, Vera Lynn passed away yesterday at 103. She was a Dame (female knight), best known for her songs […]

Are you out of tune?

Double standards never lead to happiness. Today in 1859, France passed a standard for the central “A” music note to be 435hz. Prior to this there weren’t any standards; Beethoven played over a half note higher. The note continued to climb; as high as 480hz. Singers complained; strings snapped…so in 1939, a frequency of 440hz […]

Who inspires YOUR heroes?

Meet Mahalia Jackson…well know for her amazing Gospel sound.   She was surviving a very hot and humid day in DC at the Lincoln Memorial in late August 1963.  It was a day when something almost DIDN’T happen.  Martin Luther King Jr decided the day before to drop “I have a dream” from his speech.  While giving his 5 minute […]

How’s your Sax Life?

Happy Birthday to Jazz! It’s not Buddy Bolden’s special day…Buddy is the guy who shared a new sound back in 1895 in New Orleans having the brass section play the blues…it was called Jazz. The birthday wish is for Adolphe Sax; this Belgium-born Scorpio’s invention? You guessed it by his name, happened in Paris in […]

Who is your rockstar?

I use the term rockstar occasionally in my posts.  Who are the Rockstars?  People who create their art because it’s right for them.  It could be music, painting, #sport, #business…even the sharing ideas. They do so despite the headwinds.  There are always people thinking they’re better; say you are going to fail; just negative to be negative. As Taylor sings: “Haters gonna hate.”  The rockstar […]