But it’s your birthday!

A birthday is a great day to be inspired to “start over”.  

His first two film shorts never made the big screen, but today in 1928,  the Mickey Mouse “Talkie” cartoon “Steamboat Willie”, was a BIG hit and the rest is history.  Today is Mickey’s official birthday and a wonderful way to showcase “starting over”.  

The inspiration for Walt Disney? He spotted  a mouse on his desk in Kansas City…  and Walt needed it.  Earlier that year, his hugely successful “Oswald the Rabbit” with other characters and artists were taken away in a studio rights contract deal.  Walt re-started basically with a blank piece of paper. (This image is what he submitted for patent of this #famous mouse)

This re-start with Mickey  is an over $3-billion a year business with just merchandising.

Every day can be your “rebirth” day.  What are you “starting over” today?

Mickey Mouse Patent image

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