Today is a special day…but not for me

September 9 is the most common birthday.  (USA anyway) We didn’t really start celebrating birthdays until we really had calendars.  How would you know?  We started celebrating birthdays about 5,000 years ago with the Egyptian Pharaohs, as they tracked moon cycles.  Candles on cake?  Those zany Greeks are to blame. Who has a birthday today?  Here’s a few: Adam Sandler, Michael […]

It’s a very special day

Think it’s just another day in our virus hamster wheel? Well, it IS a special day.  It’s someone’s birthday…maybe an anniversary. Could be a special occasion to remember for some business, work or life event.  Every day is a special day for someone.  Remember it, celebrate it and  what makes it a notable day for […]

A sample of serendipity

A rare metal,  stadium lights and the year you were born.  Dysprosium, a rare metal, is used in the bulbs to light up a stadium; it has an atomic weight of 66 and was isolated in 1953.  Connie Mack Stadium in Philly got its name that same year, 1953 is also the last year the Phillies and the […]

Happy Birthday to…

A birthday is a great day to be inspired to “start over”.  His first two film shorts never made the big screen, but today in 1928,  the Mickey Mouse “Talkie” cartoon “Steamboat Willie”, was a BIG hit and the rest is history.  Today is Mickey’s official birthday and a wonderful way to showcase “starting over”.   The inspiration for Walt Disney? […]

How’s your Sax Life?

Happy Birthday to Jazz! It’s not Buddy Bolden’s special day…Buddy is the guy who shared a new sound back in 1895 in New Orleans having the brass section play the blues…it was called Jazz. The birthday wish is for Adolphe Sax; this Belgium-born Scorpio’s invention? You guessed it by his name, happened in Paris in […]

Happy Birthday to…

the city of Philadelphia. Today, 337 years ago, in the area was known as New Sweden…William Penn crafted a treaty of friendship with Swedish Settlers and the Lenape Indians to form a city now called Philadelphia. Legend says this agreement was finalized under an Elm tree in what’s now a neighborhood called Kensington. Today, there […]