Do you do this while walking?

The new “thing”…reading a book while walking. And we’re not talking about on a treadmill…but on busy streets, cross walks and bike trails. Try my new podcast, “Street Curb Curiosity”, and join the conversation about this and other people predicaments. We’re now to 13 people who enjoy the show! Be an early adapter…join us! The […]

This idea went down the toilet

They’re blue, smelly and are about 4 feet deep by 4 feet wide.  A Porta Potty.  The “other” blue box in American life.  We use them, cause…well you need one. How do we make these public toilets better? Maybe make them clear, bigger and glow with cool colors.  ??? In Tokyo they approached the problem differently:  They’re made of smart […]

Could you be any more stupid?

I hope so…please share that dumb idea you thought of.   Dumb mistakes and  ideas gave us anesthesia, Penicillin, Post it Notes, Radar, Corn Flakes, the Pace Maker, or like the NBA playing all games in one city.…even the color mauve. Remember, unless you share your dumb idea, we would never ever never try anything new.  And make […]

Where ARE you?

Trying something new once a week: “Friday’s Amazing Brand” Hashtag FAB! ;0) My goal is to highlight a business/brand you may not know. This is not a paid influencer endorsement move…just sharing the work of some folks who “Do Different” that I’ve discovered. Today: Let’s talk WHAT3WORDS, based in London. These guys have assigned a […]