But you didn’t promise THIS…

A very big company making big news the last few days (hint: Apple)

One BIG way is also customer service.  Here’s my story.

I’m in Philly, due to the week of protests and riots…Apple preemptively closed it’s stores…which also meant my Genius Bar appointment was cancelled. I was contacted via email. 
I contacted Apple as to what may be “PLAN B”.  
Here’s a photo of their “solution with a smile”.  An unannounced, unanticipated and unexpected PRIORITY overnight delivery to me (FREE)… For a FREE under warranty replacement item.

Sure it’s easy to dismiss with typical “they have the money” blah blah blah.  But I’m sure a savvy finance type could crunch how much extra profit Apple could snag if their solution was “2 day delivery” instead.

Thank you  for the surprise and delight.

It appears Apple strives to have their customer service to be the same high caliber as their products.  Because nobody raves about “average”.

Priority FedEx package
I got it TODAY?

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