How do you think?

This weekend in 1997, after the idea pitch meeting in a tiny cramped San Jose conference room, one of the most iconic Advertising campaigns launched.  Steve Jobs had challenged 3 agencies, but Craig Tanimoto, an art director at Chiat\Day, gave us, Steve Jobs and Apple Marketing magnificence : Think Different KPI success?  Apple stock tripled in under a […]

I know where you were this weekend

Says many Digital Ad Platforms! Did you enjoy that cookie? Not that insomnia chocolate chip, but the one the digital advertising baked for your computer or phone. The world continues to change: Apple appears to be introducing tighter Intelligent tracking prevention; focused on their browser Safari. The conundrum: Ad networks will serve more personalized ads […]

Why you reading this?

More like how:  you’re connected to the internet.  Today, in 1988, Apple launched a service to connect your computer to the internet.  And if you’re old enough, you remember paying for access by the hour. Applelink launched at $15/hour.  (plus $35 annual fee) It was a modest hit, but they got into a “business squabble” […]

A tribute to the type who care about TYPE

The Designers!  Plus some XXL respect for  Susan Kare;  Lifetime Achievement Award winner at last week’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards in NYC.  Susan is the Invented Pixel art…she gave us the smile on the Apple Mac.  Susan, and other design denizens like David Milan, Ruth Ansel and Paul Rand do the hard work of […]