All the pain…started today in 1969

It started today.  October 29…back in 1969…. about 10:30PM
The message received:  LO

The very first  email.

The programs you recognize and that we use today were really created in the 80’s, and not many major tech improvements with how we use email since then. (IMO) Unless you think advancement is more storage so you can keep thousands of emails.  (ahh, no)

What’s next? Some say it’s Slack or Basecamp.

We really need to talk people like Apple, Microsoft and Google into agreeing to taking us to a new email world.  They pretty much control the platforms for all the email you see, send or delete.

What changes would you like to see with YOUR inbox?
(besides fewer emails from your boss)

TRIVIA:  #1 requested email change I see on the internet is to be able to change your email address, but keep all your previous email. hmmm

Inbox parody
Inbox Insanity

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