Wait, how long is it?

Had a friend say my new podcast is a perfect length.  

Made me ponder…what do YOU think is the perfect show length for listening? (if you listen)

Street Curb Curiosity (my show) is under 15 minutes; and has a Halloween edition about the silly stupid things we do to be scary… dropping later today.  http://bit.ly/STCurbPod

BEER (What you need more of a title?) Street Curb Curiosity

Life and beer are alike.  Chill for best results.  So chill for a few minutes and savor some beer banter about what the world drinks the most, for about the past 13,000 years.  Some facts, trivia and a few frothy dad jokes you can barley stand.
  1. BEER (What you need more of a title?)
  2. Where did THAT go?
  3. Standing in Line
  4. Your daily routine
  5. Your Memory

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