Wait, how long is it?

Had a friend say my new podcast is a perfect length.  

Made me ponder…what do YOU think is the perfect show length for listening? (if you listen)

Street Curb Curiosity (my show) is under 15 minutes; and has a Halloween edition about the silly stupid things we do to be scary… dropping later today.  http://bit.ly/STCurbPod

Chess…making some big moves…again Street Curb Curiosity

What did 700,000 people start doing in only 3 weeks?  They started playing chess on line!   Chess…it's back…in a big way, thanks to a redhead on Netflix.  We talk about the moves, the mayhem, and the people who make them. There's no getting bored with this board game.  It's your move….gonna try this podcast?
  1. Chess…making some big moves…again
  2. OH LOOK! A SQUIRREL! What were we talking about?
  3. RADIO's 100th Birthday — who came to the party? (Part #2)
  4. Turn it up…it's your Birthday…Radio! (PT #1)
  5. Crazy Coffee People

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random thoughts of all the fun, the pain and the problems of "caring more"

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