Not the time to slow things down!

Starting another week of WFH? If you’re a laptop legionnaire like me, you need speedy internet. Email, zoom meetings, CRM, music…yeah and Netflix!!AND the rest of the fam sucking up bandwidth. It’s a holiday week in the USA.How does your service rate? In the USA:Fastest: Queens NY, a town called Whitestone   138.4 Mbps The Worst?  Vashon, Washington, […]

Why you reading this?

More like how:  you’re connected to the internet.  Today, in 1988, Apple launched a service to connect your computer to the internet.  And if you’re old enough, you remember paying for access by the hour. Applelink launched at $15/hour.  (plus $35 annual fee) It was a modest hit, but they got into a “business squabble” […]