All the pain…started today in 1969

It started today.  October 29…back in 1969…. about 10:30PMThe message received:  LO The very first  email. The programs you recognize and that we use today were really created in the 80’s, and not many major tech improvements with how we use email since then. (IMO) Unless you think advancement is more storage so you can keep thousands of […]

I promise you’ll see it my way

If everyone thinks the same way, we would never see things differently. Many people reading this post see a great cup of coffee.  I see a cat who set off an atomic bomb. You want to get out of your rut and change things?  Try a new and zany perspective. People may think you’re crazy…until they see […]

Don’t Fall for Autumn

Today is all about balance.  In the Northern Hemisphere, you have roughly the same amount of daylight as darkness.  The first day of Fall. (if your in America that is…if you’re British, you prefer the word Autumn) As for balance:  “Know you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.” You can thank Oprah for that quote […]

When it comes to advertising…who matters more?

Facebook will sport a permanent new look  in early September. You may have been toggling in and out of it for a while now.  Soon, it’s a permanent change.  The sell job on it is it’s a cleaner feel with quicker access to many features in a less cluttered way.  I’ve seen comment pieces that it’s presenting a major […]

People HATE change…but still use it

Most marketing and business thought leaders will tell you: People hate change. Except about HALF of use love it.  Pocket change that is and we have a BIG shortage. You may think, just use Apple pay, or an app or your credit card.  Data shows still about half of us use cash for transactions under $10.  But due to […]