You focused on the wrong party?

1st Party Data:  It’s the info that a business has on it’s OWN customer base, directly from those customers. It provides insight on who we are, what we like and  our preferences. And this is focus by many leading brands. After all, Ecommerce is growing about 40% this year (38.5%) Let me rephrase:  It “should” be a focus.  Or […]

All the pain…started today in 1969

It started today.  October 29…back in 1969…. about 10:30PMThe message received:  LO The very first  email. The programs you recognize and that we use today were really created in the 80’s, and not many major tech improvements with how we use email since then. (IMO) Unless you think advancement is more storage so you can keep thousands of […]

What’s up with your inbox?

Every morning, I make the first of many cups of coffee and dig into email.  Today, I have one note with the cure for a leaky gut, one that will fix my gutters…a low rate for veteran’s insurance…a deal for home windows and another with a new cleaner for a CPAP machine.  I rent an apartment, […]

See the pattern?

 It’s the Fibonacci Sequence; which is made by adding the last two numbers to get the next. First seen in India about 3K years ago and in print  in 1202 from a fun math guy named Fibonacci from Italy. 11/23 is Happy Fibonacci Day!  Mathematics is like life: You gotta grow up and solve your problems. […]