It’s a great day to have your head in the clouds

Remember when you had to plug your phone into a computer to share your photos, apps, docs and music? No you’re not THAT old…that was less than 10 years ago.
Today in 2011, Apple launched iCloud.
(Steve Jobs did a swank presentation at an Apple event)
Today we don’t think twice about where our data is. Cloud fun actually started back in 1969 with the “intergalactic computer network” (cool right?), and in 1999, the Salesforce gang ang introduced enterprise apps via a website. We take a lot for granted… Hell you may be old enough to remember sharing info and programs via floppy disk? OUCH!

Let me quote Steve on this special day; regardless of whatever cloud service you use today: “It just works”

our heads and phones are now ALWAYS in the cloud

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