It’s a great day to have your head in the clouds

Remember when you had to plug your phone into a computer to share your photos, apps, docs and music? No you’re not THAT old…that was less than 10 years ago.Today in 2011, Apple launched iCloud. (Steve Jobs did a swank presentation at an Apple event) Today we don’t think twice about where our data is. Cloud […]

Call someone who cares

No office chat No coffee shop talk No conference with 2-day old muffins We’re in “day two” of business not as usual. Lots changing in your day. Stop.  Hit pause on social media, what’s on TV, whatever you’re doing…  Take 1 minute and CALL someone to ask how they’re doing. It WILL mean a lot to […]

Help like it’s 1999

It started this week back in 1968.  People calling for help.  The first 911 call occurred in Harleysville Alabama. A bit more trivia: The USA didn’t have full 911 service coverage until 1999. (weird, huh?) Data shows that in our current business world: 2 out of 3 people do NOT ask for help at work. That is […]