Today is the perfect day to tell someone to kiss your…

Today is the perfect day to get your ass to work. Why today? Today is the day, back in 1785 the first Spanish mules made their way off the boat in Boston; a gift for George Washington. It’s National Mule Day! (usa) It took the vision of a Tennessee Senator back in 1985 to have this day become […]

It’s a great day to have your head in the clouds

Remember when you had to plug your phone into a computer to share your photos, apps, docs and music? No you’re not THAT old…that was less than 10 years ago.Today in 2011, Apple launched iCloud. (Steve Jobs did a swank presentation at an Apple event) Today we don’t think twice about where our data is. Cloud […]

It’s a very special day

Think it’s just another day in our virus hamster wheel? Well, it IS a special day.  It’s someone’s birthday…maybe an anniversary. Could be a special occasion to remember for some business, work or life event.  Every day is a special day for someone.  Remember it, celebrate it and  what makes it a notable day for […]

Death and taxes

Did you #celebrate yesterday? Here’s something to toast this weekend. In the early 1900’s, about 40% of government income was from taxes on wine, beer and liquor. The “new” Income tax replaced the revenue lost when prohibition started and ended the 5th largest business in the nation. Then, this week in 1933, prohibition ended. Alcohol […]