Today is a special day…but not for me

September 9 is the most common birthday.  (USA anyway)

We didn’t really start celebrating birthdays until we really had calendars.  How would you know?  We started celebrating birthdays about 5,000 years ago with the Egyptian Pharaohs, as they tracked moon cycles.  Candles on cake?  Those zany Greeks are to blame.

Who has a birthday today?  Here’s a few: Adam Sandler, Michael Bublé and Colonel Sanders

Note:  Some sources say the most common birthday day is 9/16.  Whichever day is right…You should celebrate the entire month anyway!

So if September is “your” month?  Happy Birthday!

PS: Not for me; I’m a November baby! ;0)

Unicorn birthday cake
Could you cut this unicorn cake?

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