Remember me?

Okay…one more Superbowl story. Sunday, we’ll see ads for cars, beer, snacks, soft drinks and for the first time: Pop Tarts and Sabra Hummus.
For you media fans, CPM should be around $45.
20 years ago, the DOT-COMS had 17 companies advertising in the SuperBowl. (This year we’ll see 3) (BTW: the original PETS.COM generated about $620K in revenue year 1…while spending almost $12 MILLION in marketing.) The dot-com industry collapsed; many of these advertisers disappeared a few months later.

I’m a famous hand sock

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

So a bad idea? Absolutely not…with the passing of the sock puppet, we saw the real beginning of the D2C business category… which has over 400 major brands in the Market today; e-commerce generating almost $3 TRILLION in revenue. Think Dollar shave club, Reformation, Casper, BARKBOX, INC. Warby Parker, etc.) and the mac-daddy: Amazon, whose revenue is 428 THOUSAND times larger than what that very hand-sock generated.

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