True for Spies and most Businesses

A quote by James Bond holds true in the business world and in the international world of spying and intrigue: “You’re judged by the strength of your enemies.” PS:  the new 007 movie debuts November 20 in the USA. Thanks for keeping it classy Daniel Craig.

It happens in business every year about now.

It ALWAYS happens around the Labor Day holiday… You know?  Budget Season! Part of that process is ALWAYS parsing the company organization… You know, the Org Chart. Rather than once again just color code cells in Excel or PowerPoint, CLICK HERE to read (on LinkedIn) about a useful idea and concept from Dharmesh Shah with a name you may know. (Hint, he […]

How do you think?

This weekend in 1997, after the idea pitch meeting in a tiny cramped San Jose conference room, one of the most iconic Advertising campaigns launched.  Steve Jobs had challenged 3 agencies, but Craig Tanimoto, an art director at Chiat\Day, gave us, Steve Jobs and Apple Marketing magnificence : Think Different KPI success?  Apple stock tripled in under a […]

This will be the BEST EVER!

Some of our big tech guys were asked by congress if they copy ideas from other companies or competition.  Huh? They ever run a business?Coming in August in the USA, Instagram users will be able to create and share something new to their Stories:  Guess? Short Videos! It’s called “Reels”; you’ll be able to produce  short-form videos in a […]