Call someone who cares

No office chat No coffee shop talk No conference with 2-day old muffins We’re in “day two” of business not as usual. Lots changing in your day. Stop.  Hit pause on social media, what’s on TV, whatever you’re doing…  Take 1 minute and CALL someone to ask how they’re doing. It WILL mean a lot to […]

Sorry, it’s our policy

It’s business right?  I’ve heard so many company eps say their customer service policies are written in stone. What would happen when you apply something liberally to that stone? Show a customer some unexpected love and extra care today and see what happens. It may change your view of customer service from an obligation to a […]

Help like it’s 1999

It started this week back in 1968.  People calling for help.  The first 911 call occurred in Harleysville Alabama. A bit more trivia: The USA didn’t have full 911 service coverage until 1999. (weird, huh?) Data shows that in our current business world: 2 out of 3 people do NOT ask for help at work. That is […]

Are you out of tune?

Double standards never lead to happiness. Today in 1859, France passed a standard for the central “A” music note to be 435hz. Prior to this there weren’t any standards; Beethoven played over a half note higher. The note continued to climb; as high as 480hz. Singers complained; strings snapped…so in 1939, a frequency of 440hz […]

Show some love today

It’s the day to try it.  Not necessarily with roses, chocolates or a candle lit dinner out. Show some love today to the person working behind the counter, driving the bus or Uber; or sitting at a table-for-two alone, maybe just needing a smile. As for the dining experience today, Valentine’s day is not a biggy; […]