I drink and I know things

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” is a tasty treat.  So many tastes of Bourbon out there.  My goal:  Find a solid “go to” bottle under $20 bottle.  Hilly Billy,  Bottled in South Carolina, this a young bourbon, with hints of cookie dough, vanilla and spice, is that find; and created by two guys from Florida who love the outdoors, Shon and Mike. 
Bourbon Biology:  must be at least 51% corn and stored at no more than 125 proof. And NO, does NOT have to be distilled in Kentucky.  In fact, only about half of all Bourbon is made in the Bluegrass State.

You can get a bottle in Pennsylvania for about the same price of an old fashioned at a high end restaurant.  Not the same ambiance, but definitely a bottle worthy for that “late night nip” at home.  Cheers

My qualifications on this topic? To quote Tyrion Lannister:
“I drink and I know things”

No paid endorsement influencer, just sharing stuff I use and some folks who “Do Different”.

Hill Billy Bourbon

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