Something great from someone you may hate

My “Friday’s Amazing Brand” idea this week comes from brand name we all know, some love, some love-to-hate…but I’m satisfied with: Comcast. And their Xfinity service.  
What? Yes! The goal of any business is to make life simple for their customers. I recently moved, got all new equipment; installed it myself…and POOF. It all worked flawlessly…and even better…ALL of my settings, passwords, wifi network info moved with me. Think about it: Someone gear-head (term used affectionally) buried in some cube-farm somewhere, had an idea and wrote code that turned a potentially highly frustrating experience into something every brand dreams of: just work and be simple. My Friday goal is to highlight a cool business. No paid influencer endorsement…just sharing stuff I use and the folks who “Do Different”.

Now, any suggestions what I can do about my cable mess?

New Xfinity Modem and Cable Box

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