Today is the day to be lonely

You single?  Well TODAY is your special day.   “Singles Day” is a 2009 ecommerce idea of Jack Ma of the Alibaba Group; highlights a day to treat yourself…now the largest on-line shopping day on the planet.   We’re estimated to “treat ourselves” by spending over $70 BILLION! (last year’s sales were up over 20%) mostly due to […]

Different Idea For The Same old…

You may have put up with a lot of this over the weekend… A great idea doesn’t have to create something brand new.Sometimes it just makes the same old shit…better. Saw an ad for this Michigan based family company that now makes  vegetable based dog poop bags. Yes, plant based.  No plastic.  They completely compost in about 3 […]

I’d vote for THIS

This bourbon reminded me of the USA and politics for Election Day.(USA Election day is 11/3) In this bottle…there are FIVE different bourbons blended to make a unique taste…all combined to make it a success. It takes a mix of different ideas, tastes and flavors to get it just right.   That’s America my friend.   Cheers […]

Think outside the “shipping” box

Why is Amazon the successful monster it is?   The team is always thinking outside the box….in this specific case, outside  their shipping boxes.   Besides being excited to get your purchase, you can also have some Halloween pumpkin fun…and get talked into downloading and using their AR App… And probably training their Machine Learning for some future […]

Clowning Around with a New Idea

A new idea sometimes is just a combination of a few great ideas.  Even if they may sound weird to start. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie. Fries and Maple Syrup.  Peanut Butter on bacon. What happens when you take Gilligan, add the music of Led Zeppelin and an internet famous clown with an amazing singing voice?  You […]

It happens in business every year about now.

It ALWAYS happens around the Labor Day holiday… You know?  Budget Season! Part of that process is ALWAYS parsing the company organization… You know, the Org Chart. Rather than once again just color code cells in Excel or PowerPoint, CLICK HERE to read (on LinkedIn) about a useful idea and concept from Dharmesh Shah with a name you may know. (Hint, he […]