Clowning Around with a New Idea

A new idea sometimes is just a combination of a few great ideas.  Even if they may sound weird to start. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie. Fries and Maple Syrup.  Peanut Butter on bacon. What happens when you take Gilligan, add the music of Led Zeppelin and an internet famous clown with an amazing singing voice?  You […]

It happens in business every year about now.

It ALWAYS happens around the Labor Day holiday… You know?  Budget Season! Part of that process is ALWAYS parsing the company organization… You know, the Org Chart. Rather than once again just color code cells in Excel or PowerPoint, CLICK HERE to read (on LinkedIn) about a useful idea and concept from Dharmesh Shah with a name you may know. (Hint, he […]

This idea went down the toilet

They’re blue, smelly and are about 4 feet deep by 4 feet wide.  A Porta Potty.  The “other” blue box in American life.  We use them, cause…well you need one. How do we make these public toilets better? Maybe make them clear, bigger and glow with cool colors.  ??? In Tokyo they approached the problem differently:  They’re made of smart […]

Virus Graffiti Spreads an Idea

A photo of Virus graffiti in Philly. It brings to mind a quote from a great movie** holds true for marketing as well as our present Corona Virus drama: “The truth is what everybody  accepts.” **You remember 12 Monkeys? Trivia: The film was shot in Philadelphia & Baltimore.