You know what’s special about today?

What’s “special” is YOU! Today is not just Tuesday…it’s TAKE OUT TUESDAY.  It’s also Taco Tuesday…hey, it’s Cinco De Mayo. Phone one of your fav restaurants, treat yourself to something special  and tasty that you love.  Why?  Because you are YOU.  You’re “special” too.

Show some love today

It’s the day to try it.  Not necessarily with roses, chocolates or a candle lit dinner out. Show some love today to the person working behind the counter, driving the bus or Uber; or sitting at a table-for-two alone, maybe just needing a smile. As for the dining experience today, Valentine’s day is not a biggy; […]

It’s in the mail!

It’s National “Send a card to a friend” day! It was all the rage in 15th century  Europe:  sending a card. A Birthday is #1, Mother’s day is #2 in the purchase pecking order. The internet digital options and social media has driven the act of mailing down; and it continues to shrink about 5% a year.  Stats […]

Something great from someone you may hate

My “Friday’s Amazing Brand” idea this week comes from brand name we all know, some love, some love-to-hate…but I’m satisfied with: Comcast. And their Xfinity service.  What? Yes! The goal of any business is to make life simple for their customers. I recently moved, got all new equipment; installed it myself…and POOF. It all worked flawlessly…and even better…ALL of my settings, passwords, wifi network info moved […]