Now, that’s a good signal

Are we one step closer to civilization?   In many USA cities, you can now re-enjoy eating outdoors,  indoor dining returning soon, drinks with friends… This freedom also will brings back the never-ending quest for a good WIFI signal.  You’re not at home anymore kiddo.   This post is just a double-thumbs-up thanks to Comcast.  They’ve extended FREE WIFI via […]

Something great from someone you may hate

My “Friday’s Amazing Brand” idea this week comes from brand name we all know, some love, some love-to-hate…but I’m satisfied with: Comcast. And their Xfinity service.  What? Yes! The goal of any business is to make life simple for their customers. I recently moved, got all new equipment; installed it myself…and POOF. It all worked flawlessly…and even better…ALL of my settings, passwords, wifi network info moved […]