You have no taste

My “Friday Amazing Brand Idea” this week shows that I enjoy having no taste…with my water anyway.  It’s a ZERO water filter. The idea came from the necessity of not wanting to drink tap water from a small Michigan town about 15 years ago. It’s a 5-stage filter…removes (from what I can tell) everything from your water. […]

I drink and I know things

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” is a tasty treat.  So many tastes of Bourbon out there.  My goal:  Find a solid “go to” bottle under $20 bottle.  Hilly Billy,  Bottled in South Carolina, this a young bourbon, with hints of cookie dough, vanilla and spice, is that find; and created by two guys from Florida who love the outdoors, Shon and Mike. Bourbon […]

Well THAT smells; no more

This week’s “Friday’s Amazing Brand Idea” is a must have if you’re a runner, biker, workout or even just wear shoes. Thanks to the “invisible” light discovered in Germany by Johann Ritter in 1801, replicated in a lightbulb 100 years later…and now in a form to keep your shoes fresh and odor free. Besides giving you […]

how’s your coffee?

My “Friday Fantastic Find” this week is a brand-name the Mid-Atlantic area knows well and started in 1890. In 1890, George Wood started a dairy farm in Delaware county…he imported cows from Guernsey island in the English Channel. The milk business grew at this company called WAWA.  It grew to the point where George’s grandson, Grahame, […]

So, who do you believe?

Who do you believe? The first true endorsement was by royalty in the late 1700’s for China plates. Today we have well known celebrity types like Beyonce, Renaldo, Tiger, Kylie, etc… just “being seen” with a product and paid…millions. So, who do you trust? Kim K talking about Toilet paper, Snoop talking Hot Pockets…a friend […]