What’s your recommendation?

We ask for endorsements all the time.  
It’s standard business practice these days.
BUT…how often do you give one WITHOUT being asked?

Today is the day for all of us to give it a try.
I’ll start…a few names I would recommend, 
based on personal experience in the Greater Philly area

A cheesesteak? Jim’s on South Street
A burger? Misconduct Tavern
Pizza: The Side Car
A hotel? AKA
A drink with a view?  Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Best wings: McCrossen’s Tavern
Promo products: Linda Milano
A tasty Margarita: Mixto
Marketing Vision? Steve Olenski
Sushi: Fat Salmon on Walnut
An old fashioned? (tough one) Evan, Lindsey or Dean
Voice-over work? John Duffin
Recruitment? Hugh Gallagher
Big Agency? Harmelin Media
Small agency?  Edward P. Frack The Factory Advertising
Start up agency? Christine Piper Maverick Media
Philly lifestyle News HughE Dillon (PhillyChitChat.com)

Who can you “pay it forward” for this weekend?

who do you endorse for any product or service?

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