You have no taste

My “Friday Amazing Brand Idea” this week shows that I enjoy having no taste…with my water anyway.  It’s a ZERO water filter. The idea came from the necessity of not wanting to drink tap water from a small Michigan town about 15 years ago. It’s a 5-stage filter…removes (from what I can tell) everything from your water. Basically removes all dissolved solids in your water.  No plastic bottles for me, ( the USA goes through about 90,000 bottles every hour), no gallon jugs…just a pitcher of water that has zero taste.  And the best water I’ve tasted…with no taste.  It’s also great for my Avocado tree too.  Of course Amazon has them, and under $25.

No paid endorsement influencer, just sharing stuff I use and some folks who “Do Different”.

zero water filter
zero water filter

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