how’s your coffee?

My “Friday Fantastic Find” this week is a brand-name the Mid-Atlantic area knows well and started in 1890. In 1890, George Wood started a dairy farm in Delaware county…he imported cows from Guernsey island in the English Channel. The milk business grew at this company called WAWA.  It grew to the point where George’s grandson, Grahame, opened the first WAWA store in 1964 on McDade Boulevard in Folsom, near Philly.  Today? 842 stores that still sell milk…and a whole lot more.  Plus a great cup of coffee…that I (and Macy) enjoy just about every day.  Half vanilla and hazelnut.  How about you? I post every Friday highlighting a cool business, product or idea. No paid endorsement here, I just share stuff I use and the folks who “Do Different”.

WAWA coffee in Philadelphia
WAWA coffee is a Philadelphia favorite

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