Who’s a good boy or girl?

National Spoil Your Dog Day! (8/10)

44% of the USA has a wet nosed furry friend.  
Today is the day to give all of them a special treat;

While the treat dogs love most is Peanut Butter.  
Seems Macy enjoys a cold beer before a (peanut butter) bone.

MUSIC TREAT TRIVIA:  The Beatles added a whistle only dogs can hear to the end of the song  “A day in the Life” on the Sergeant Pepper Album.

PODCAST TREAT: And for this special day; a repeat podcast (one of the first episodes!) about pups and their problems with people! Street Curb Curiosity – The Podcast!

Puppy Macy Jane sitting at a bar with a cold beer for National Spoil Your Dog Day; from the daily blog www.caremoretoday.com
Macy Jane enjoying her liquid treat

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