Turn it up today!

Today is National Radio Day.  (8/20)
Radio still reaches over 92% of the US population.  Audio competition is fierce.

Radio for me started in the mid 70’s reading obituaries and playing polka music. (Don’t ask)

A 45 year career allowed me work along side some amazing people in music, advertising and media.  Including scary smart marketing types, clients and Ad agencies.  Radio! Thanks for giving me a great life and a career in which I felt I never worked a day in my life.

PS:  An actual picture of my very first studio, and the first “morning man” I worked with…a great guy named Tom Kutza.  WISL AM1480, Shamokin PA (the station is long gone)

Tom Kutza in the WISL radio studios, Shamokin PA
Tom Kutza on WISL RADIO

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