Are you…loyal?

6 out of 10 are reading this on their phone.  That habit started today back in 2007.  PThe first Apple iphone got into consumer hands today.  People lined up to get their hands on one.   (You ever do the iPhone line?)

The experience and excitement still exists, only bigger,  14 years later.

How do you achieve that kind of brand loyalty?

Many companies don’t achieve it because:

Their Goal is to be “good enough”
Their Mission is be a “cheaper alternative”
Their Offering is not memorable.

The solution:  Be Better be different, care more

You don’t buy loyalty…you earn it by doing the hard stuff well.

A Podcast on “Brand Loyalty” coming in the next few days
Street Curb Curiosity

Original iPhone back in 2007
The first iPhone, 14 years ago

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